Goat Yoga. Yes- It’s a thing.

Yoga has historically been a widely recognized form of treatment that uses postures and breathing techniques aimed to help with stress management, health, and relaxation.

While scrolling through my news feed I have noticed an increase in the various things being incorporated into yoga classes to include everything from wine, chicken nuggets, dogs, and goats.

A recent article in USA Today showcased the trend of combining Yoga with…. Goats.

Goat yoga. Its an actual thing. And the craze is literally sweeping the nation.

I’ll be honest, the idea of having animals around me brings me joy/happiness but I wasn’t 100% receptive about exploring animals and yoga at the same time. It seems like it may be incredibly distracting- when the tenets of yoga is about being mindful, centered, and focused on your body…. not what the goat is doing.

However, after reading more information about this yoga trend, I am becoming more intrigued.

Another yoga studio offering Goat Yoga services in the Willamette Valley in Oregon offers 7 benefits to Exercising with Animals.

An article recently published on Shape.com explains that the draw to this type of yoga and why it is becoming increasingly popular may be more about emotional connections/psychological benefits than the actual benefits of the yoga itself. Catherine Conelly reports the following in her article Why is Everyone Doing Yoga with Animals? :

“‘It doesn’t surprise me that the innocence of animals is something that people want to connect with,” says Guru Jagat, a Kundalini Yoga Master and founder of RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology. Having practiced and taught yoga in places like the Himalayas, she has first-hand experience doing yoga with animals, goats included.’Everything’s just gotten so complicated and denatured that we covet anything that reminds us of simplicity and innocence,’ she says. Basically, we’re all craving a connection to something deeper than our smartphones and that’s where animals come in.”

In Nevada, there is also a 2 month wait list for goat yoga classes in Las Vegas. If youre a local and you’re interested, check out the link below.


My Thoughts:

Overall, this trend may seem very ridiculous to some. However, the fact that there was such an immediate draw and appeal to this concept speaks volumes about the profound effect that animals have over us humans. I believe that if goats or animals are able to help someone who is inactive, become more active, or a depressed/isolated individual get out of the house- I think thats fantastic.

Once again- a treatment method only has the potential to work if people are willing to try it. If this gets people moving, socializing, and engaged- I think there are absolute benefits to it. 



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