Universities are “Paws-ing” for Student Stress Relief

As I wind down my final few weeks of my online EMBA program I am pursuing through the University of Nevada, Reno, I have to admit that I have been somewhat removed from the latest on-campus services/trends that are being seen throughout the country. I couldn’t believe what amazing and awesome services that are available. Anything from on-campus yoga, counseling, puppy rooms, meditation, and therapy dog visits.

Frankly, I’m a little jealous. I would have GREATLY appreciated having therapy dogs available to me during previous degree programs and am honestly astounded about how many supportive services there are on college campuses to help decrease stress/anxiety during exam weeks. It is clear simply by a quick search online, that therapy dogs are being used more and more frequently during exam weeks across the United States and in Nevada.

Currently Lied Library at the University of Nevada Las Vegas offers “Paws for a Study Break” a program where trained therapy animals from Love Dog Adventures are available to meet with stressed out students on campus for some likely much needed relief.

This got me thinking about how many programs are currently offering Pet Therapy for their students on campus as well. I was able to locate a recent article outlining 10 Colleges with Successful Pet Therapy Programs with Yale Law Library topping the list.

Simply searching online I found a myriad of other recent articles where this trend is growing as it has been proven that therapy animals can help to reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and improve overall mood at relatively limited cost to the school. During my research I found another article published in NBC News that also showcases other programs also offered at Oklahoma State University and Kent State University and how they have helped their student population to de-stress.

I found countless schedules posted with various activities from countless institutions, see some examples below.


After finding a significant number of Universities and Colleges choosing to offer stress-relief activities, there is one major takeaway I have from all of the information I have found. It is clear that over the last ten years, the importance of managing one’s mental health and effective management of stress/anxiety is becoming more apparent in academia than ever before.

It is my belief that the implementation of programs such as these and other stress-relief activities on college campuses will absolutely help to reduce the need for students seek out other potentially unhealthy/harmful methods to combat their anxiety levels.

Seriously… Puppy Rooms? I can’t believe this is really a thing that is available now.

I’m already less stressed.






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