Service Dogs: Which Breeds are Best?


With the wide range medical and psychiatric conditions that may require a service dog I was curious if there was one particular recommended breed for all service animals. Can it vary depending upon the condition?

I began exploring further to learn more if there was one particular breed that works better with the blind, autism, diabetes, seizure disorders, or PTSD.

My initial research found some great information written by Dr. Veronica Morris of Psychiatric Service Dog Partners who recently posted a very interesting article about the importance of Choosing the Right Dog

Dr. Morris argues that a service dog can be arguably any breed, but strongly suggests that the owner consider a variety of factors specific to their needs before pairing up with a particular breed. The article had this great image about the important things to consider- see below.

Things to consider.PNG


Several takeaways that I found in my research was that almost any dog breed can be a service dog if it is able to be trained appropriately. However, I did begin to observe a trend with regards to certain breeds being used more frequently as service animals than others. Some were even indicated a as potentially being more predisposed to sensing emotions/seizure activity.

The most commonly identified breeds for service dogs I found were:

German Shepherd 


Golden Retriever


Labrador Retriever


Border Collie

90 BC

Standard Poodle


Overall it appears that there are many options/breeds available out there for potential service dog owners when choosing their service animal. The key takeaways I found strongly recommend across the board that the potential owner find an animal that meets their specific service needs, rather than selecting the breed just by popularity alone.





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