Washoe County- Raises the bar in NV for Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

After conducting a thorough exploration of the services available related to animal assisted therapy/Service dogs in Southern Nevada-Clark County area,  I felt I would be doing a disservice to my state if I did not explore other resources available in the Northern Nevada- Washoe County area as well.


In similar fashion, I conducted a general search- applying the tips I learned in my previous searches by narrowing my focus to a specific few key words and narrowing down my location to yield the best potential results.

I found some seemingly reputable services by searching: “service dog” Washoe County

The following options for animal assisted therapy services/programming were available online:

Nevada Humane Society – Clearly the most well established organization in the community with a wide array of services available. There is currently no such organization in Southern Nevada that provides this MANY social/therapeutic services for Veterans with PTSD, Seniors, and inmates, etc. Many of the adoption fees will be waived if a applicant is found eligible for the programming.


Additionally I located another organization Paws4Love. which also provides services to train animals to become service dogs/therapy dogs/emotional support animals. One program this organization offerd that I found particularly interesting and refreshing was their Justice Dogs program.  Paws4Love partners with victims of violent crime and the Washoe County District Attorney’s office to have an emotional support animal available to victims in need within the courthouse. Check it out!


To ensure I have not left a stone unturned- I decided to outreach once again to the major player in the community – the Nevada Humane Society via tweet – to be positive I was locating the most accurate and available resources in the community for the population that I serve each day as a social worker.


nv humane tweet

I shall await response and report back. However, I can already see a CLEAR difference with regards to programming in Northern Nevada vs. Southern Nevada with regards to its approach towards Animal Assisted Therapy/service animals in their respective communities.

After utilizing a comparison tool through BestPlaces to compare Reno, NV to Las Vegas, NV- the reported data below shows that while the City of Las Vegas has more than double the population of City of Reno.


However, despite this significant population difference-  the organizations and volume of services available for those in need of Animal Assisted Therapy is virtually the same in both communities with Las Vegas perhaps maybe having 1-2 more major players in the community performing this type of service.

So what are the key takeaways or assumptions that one could potentially have after this exploration?

It is appears that Washoe County is more invested in developing programming related to animal assisted therapy to assist those struggling in their community. Whereas in Las Vegas- I could find virtually NO free programs available to help those in need of this type of service.




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