The Service Dog Resource Search Begins!

To give you some insight as to what it’s like to be a social worker… this is the most accurate meme I’ve come across in my decade working in the field.


On week three of my journey to legitimately locate how to connect clients/members/patients or essentially anyone to a service dog and/or animal assisted therapy in Nevada at little to no cost….  I dug a little deeper in my search and started playing around with keywords. My strategy was to get a little more specific and start in one region first.

This sequence is typical example of how many social workers begin trying to locate information about resources on how to refer/connect people to services they need. And let me be the first to tell you- finding resources is often a quest of playing with various keywords in quotations to narrow down what you are specifically looking for in the nebulous abyss of the internet.


  • My first few searches of “animal assisted therapy Nevada” and “therapy dog Nevada” and a few similar other variations led me in a variety of dead-ends that were purely informative about laws/regulations as I’ve reported in my previous posts.
  • However, “service dog” las vegas resulted in some better leads once I began digging through some of the links embedded on each site and struck some luck!


  • At face value, some of the sites that popped up are clearly some reputable local organizations of alternative options for individuals with the ability to pay for services such as:

However, after searching further I discovered The Animal Foundation (a large, well established, local non-profit animal shelter in Clark County) had promoted “Service Dog Project” 2 1/2 years ago. Which was also featured on the news! – check out this video.

The Animal Foundation had SOME information available but had no new posts about it since 1/13/15 as you can see on their site. This was concerning to me as it leads me to believe that the program is no longer active.

  • Interestingly enough, I have been following the The Animal Foundation on Twitter so I figured- why not go straight to the source to find out for sure!? Let’s see if I get a response. Stay tuned!tweet pic

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